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How to take a perfect selfie .

Currently, due to the improvement of mobile technology, more and more people can enjoy  keeping the good memories in life by selfie

Let’s learning  how better led  flash lights can help consumers improve picture quality of photos taken with smartphones.

Show your picture, for you reference:


No matter what your thoughts are on Kim Kardashian West, you have to admit one thing: Her selfie game is strong. Short of hiring professional photographers and lighting specialists to follow you around and snap photos, how are you supposed to compete with her high-quality Instagram stream?

The answer: Selfie hardware. The perfect LED selfie isn’t taken with a straight iPhone—you need extra boosters, such as fancy lighting, wireless remotes, and lenses for your iPhone’s front-facing camera, in order to master the selfie technique.

Of course, you’ll need to use all this hardware without looking like you’re using any hardware, because the perfect selfie also hits the exact balance of professional lighting, staging, makeup, and casual uncaringness. Your photos need to say “#WokeUpLikeThis,” without looking like you actually... just woke up.

It’s not easy to master, I admit, but these seven selfie-focused products will help you go from newbie to pro overnight.

As a excellent selfie flash, The lights are bright, even, and warm (with a yellowish, as opposed to blueish tint), and they really do give you a vanity-lighting effect. If you use the selfie light as youronly source of light (e.g. in a dark club), you may end up with an orangeish tint to your skin—but it’s nothing a good Instagram filter can’t fix. However , we can match a selfie stick, No selfie hardware story is complete without a selfie stick—no matter how ridiculous they look in public (and yes, they do look ridiculous in public).where can I buy these products? For this piece, we chose because it’s affordable, Bluetooth-controlled, and it comes in a variety of colors. For those of you who don’t know what a selfie stick is, it’s an extendable arm that lets you get a little extra distance in your selfies—basically, it’s like attaching your iPhone to a three-foot-long arm. The Selfie Stick has a grippy rubberized handle, a tight-grip holder for your phone 

It’s not particularly pretty, but #TheSelfie Stick is good if you want to take a more flattering selfie (from above), if you have trouble extending your arm and taking selfies (it’s hard to tap the button when you’re straining to keep your phone away from your face), or if you want to get a good group shot. It does take a couple of tries to master taking a selfie without showing your selfie stick, but you’ll learn quickly. Led selfie and stick can take more perfect picture for your life

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