Video Fill Light, Tolifo DSLR Light PT-15B-II Kit Including Bi-Color Metal LED Light with Barn Doors, Hotshoe for Studio, YouTube, Product Photography, Video Shooting
The battery-powered daylight/tungsten balanced video fill light features a continuously variable color temperature between 3200 tungsten and 5600K daylight, and the controls that can dim the lights output from 100 to 10%.
Built into the light is an LCD display panel that shows a digital readout of the brightness level, color temperature of the light and features a battery gauge so you know how much power you have left.
The light produces a 120° beam angle and includes both a four-leaf barn door and built-in diffusion gel. The included four-sided barn doors are constructed so the doors can interlock together, limiting light leak from the edges, controlling light spill, and providing directionality to your light.